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8 Nurse Myths That We Need to Debunk

Nurses carry a huge amount of responsibility on a daily basis in their profession. As highly skilled workers, they deserve a lot of respect for their knowledge, intelligence, and intensive training. But that’s not always the case, since nurses face many stereotyped misconceptions, which MTV’s stars from “Scrubbing In” don’t hesitate to discuss. If you’re an aspiring nurse, watch out as you may have to deal with these in your professional life.

So, it’s time to debunk the top nurse myths and give praise to hard-working nurses everywhere! Continue reading 8 Nurse Myths That We Need to Debunk

5 Pieces of Medical Equipment You Can Use for Thanksgiving Dinner

Like most medical professionals, you’ve probably invested a lot in your medical equipment. Over the years you’ve discovered your favorite stethoscope, brand of scrubs, etc. Well, have you ever stopped to consider all the ways you can use all of this equipment outside of work?

It turns out there are some everyday medical tools which can come in handy when it comes to preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. So break out your hypodermic needles, clean off your scalpel, and let’s get cooking. Continue reading 5 Pieces of Medical Equipment You Can Use for Thanksgiving Dinner

Spooky Fun at Work: 7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Nurses

Halloween’s just around the corner and the spooky spirit is upon us all. In hospitals, which can be spooky by nature, October 31st actually presents a great opportunity to laugh at the things which scare us, and create a festive atmosphere to cheer up any and all of our patients.

Step it up with your Halloween costume this year

Step it up with your Halloween costume this year

With themed decorations, silly costumes, and a playful mindset, you and your coworkers can bring the fun of Halloween from the outside world inside to your patients. It’s of course essential to stay professional, so make sure to consider your setting carefully in advance. Check if your workplace has a tradition of celebrating Halloween or not. If you get the green light, not only will decorating and dressing up help your patients have a great time, but we guarantee that you will, too.

Continue reading Spooky Fun at Work: 7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Nurses

5 Best Medical Gifts for Your Special Doctor

We've got some tips for finding the perfect gift for the doctor in your family
We’ve got some tips for finding the perfect gift for the doctor in your family

Whether you’re married to a doctor, the parent (or child) of a doctor, or you just have a special doctor in your life, don’t forget to show them the appreciation they deserve. For most doctors, the greatest gift of all is healing their patients, and using their expertise to improve the health of others. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a meaningful gift won’t make their day (or even their year). Continue reading 5 Best Medical Gifts for Your Special Doctor

The Funniest Medical Memes From Around the Internet



Ah, the Internet. As a medical professional, it’s your best friend, and your worst enemy. Sure, it helped you find that custom engraved stethoscope you’ve always dreamed of, but it helps your patients work themselves into a hypochondriac lather with self-diagnoses.

Luckily, the internet is teeming with harried doctors, nurses, and medical students, just like you, sharing their particular brand of humor. For all the times when you have to laugh so you won’t cry, here are some of the funniest medical memes we found online. Continue reading The Funniest Medical Memes From Around the Internet

Treat your Nurses Right: 6 Great Gifts for Nurses

There are a lot of gifts for nurses available that cater to them, from clothing and supplies to mugs and various other knick knackery. If you’re looking to give a nurse a gift, though, simply finding the first thing with the word “nurses” on it won’t cut it, just like medical students deserve unique and insightful gifts, nurses should get something just for them too. When choosing what to give the nurse in your life, be sure to consider what they want or need, as well as their personality and sense of style. One common complaint among nurses, especially when they’re inundated with things they can’t use, is that they wish that they could just have some new supplies. If this is the case, remember that Medisave has top of the line medical supplies at great prices and some products can be personalized. Whatever you go with, the best gifts are chosen after thoughtfulness and observation!

Help Relieve Stress & Prevent Burnout

One issue that many nurses face is burnout. Medical facilities looking to save money sometimes cut back on needed supplies and staff, driving up expectations and strain on their care providers. At the same time, demand on the healthcare system is on the rise. Nurses are the foot soldiers in the conflict, and often get tired and overburdened. These first few gifts address this issue specifically:

1. Gifts for A Healthy Lifestyle

Help your nurse find stillness with Yoga. (just make sure it’s one of their interests)

5 Nurse Fashion Tips to Look Fantastic While Saving the World

Looking good brings peace of mind that’s much needed in the hectic lifestyle of a nurse. The confidence that comes with it is exactly what you need to become the super nurse that has made it out of the pressure cooker that is medical school.

Carefully pick colors, shoes, and hairstyle and get ready to rock the world!

Carefully pick colors, shoes, and hairstyle and get ready to rock the world!

Trouble is, most of the style tips online require too much time to include in your daily routine or simply don’t work. Here are five easy fashion tips that have been proven to work and will turn you into the stylish nurse every hospital needs. Continue reading 5 Nurse Fashion Tips to Look Fantastic While Saving the World

Ideas for Medical Student Gifts that Will Rock Their Socks off

If any friend of yours deserves a good present, it’s most certainly your medical student buddy. Medical school is one of the biggest challenges one can face and a nice, well-thought-out gift will probably be met with much appreciation. Shining a little light into a med student’s life can give them the motivational boost they need to get through their tough exams.

Making these kind geeks happy isn't rocket science, but there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a present for medical students

Making these kind geeks happy isn’t rocket science, but keep the following in mind when choosing a present for a medical student

Here are some ideas to consider when you are struggling to come up with something original and not wish to spend endless hours in the shopping mall.

Gifts to Keep Medical Students Well-Equipped

Practical presents are an absolute must for overachievers

Practical presents are an absolute must for overachievers

Let’s start with the obvious, medical education takes a lot of dedication and much appreciation for the science. You want to pick the best gift for a medical student? Well, simply appeal to their main interests. To improve your chances or scoring some extra points, be sure get them something useful, meaningful, or symbolic to their journey in the professional field. Here are some ideas to help you choose a present for that special med student:

  • Personalized Littmann Stethoscope: This is a brand every medical professional recognizes and is not likely to collect dust on a shelf somewhere. Apart from being extremely useful, you can add a personal touch by including a witty message or their name to help prevent it from getting lost in the chaos of their busy life. Once you know what message you want to convey, simply add “laser engraving” to your purchase and it’ll be shipped to you in no time.
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: A controversial book following the legacy of a poor tobacco farmer and what happened to her cells after her death. Collected after her death from cancer, her genetic material was used for research, which led to major medical discoveries such as the development of the polio vaccine, advanced HIV understanding, gene mapping, and more. This unbelievable story will surely spike the interest of someone in the field of medicine.
  • Colorful new scrubs: It doesn’t sound exactly like a gift, but considering the students’ hectic life you may guess that shopping for clothing is not always a top priority. With a variety of colors and sizes to break out of the cliche of the boring blue, you can get them something fresh and new to brighten their workdays.

Gifts to Keep Medical Students Alive!

Very few gifts beat the perfect cup of coffee

Very few gifts beat the perfect cup of coffee

The lifestyles of medical students are notorious for the constant struggle with sleep deprivation. 24 hours are hardly enough to squeeze everything in, so a major concern for all students is staying energized.

And so, the first gift idea on this list is reserved for coffee makers. They’re the very source of the rejuvenating juice that medical students crave so much. Be thoughtful, though — medical students don’t usually have the time to deal with the whole coffee making process mechanically, so a good automatic coffee maker is the best decision. In the rare case that your medical student friend has taken coffee-making seriously and wants to stick to a more expert ritual, the coffee enthusiasts of Gizmodo may have a few ideas you’d like.

Next stop — a juicer. Buying juices can be costly or even not an option at all, if your friend ends up studying till late. So do the birthday boy or girl a favor, and get them a juicer. Choose wisely, though, as not all juicers are created equal. Fresh juices will keep medical students stuffed with vitamins, and with just a bit of the pulp back in the juice they can become their top choice for a fiber source on the go.

Gifts to Keep Medical Students Happy!

Throw in some artifacts from your friend's favorite show and you are good to go!

Throw in some artifacts from your friend’s favorite show and you are good to go!

No list that covers happiness can go without mentioning Game of Thrones. We’ve just seen the beginning of season 4, but let’s face it, everyone likes to look back to the earlier episodes of this main-character-killing, dragon-featuring TV series. The first three seasons are available on Blu-Ray and can be bought online.

If the medical student in question can’t make up their mind on what they want to watch, and are a bit queasy when it comes to bloody swords, a Netflix subscription is an alternative safe choice. They’ll get to watch whatever they want each days, and Netflix fits flexible budgets, too. At $7.99 per month it’s up to you whether you get them a month or a full year of TV time.

Number three on our list is a cheeky gift that will actually come in handy, and might even bring a smile on your medical student buddy’s face. Drumroll… a t-shirt explaining why they’re not coming to the party. Why not? But remember that the rule of thumb here is to choose a gift that shows how well you know them.

Exciting and Unexpected Gifts

Every green head will enjoy a gift in support of Sea Shepherd

Every green head will enjoy a gift in support of Sea Shepherd

There are a host of awesome gifts for the environmentalists among medical students.

If your friend has mentioned the U.N.’s recent orders to Japan to cease whaling, then supporting Sea Shepherd, the modern day pirates that have raised awareness about the problem, is probably their dream. This conservation society has fought a long battle with Japan’s whaling fleet. It has run its own TV show on Discovery and is staffed primarily by volunteers. Sea Shepherd offers a range of DVD, clothes, and books in their webstore that will help them continue to fight for animal rights. Any of these will make for a thoughtful gift.

If instead (or in addition) your med student buddy is into new tech and style, then consider the Moto 360 – it’s a smartwatch from the future that everyone is buzzing about. It’s coming out soon, and I’m sure medical students will find it useful.

The one thing to always keep in mind when looking for a gift for medical students is to be considerate. Think about what they need and what they have. If the gift is planned for a big event, like a birthday or a graduation, it’s a good idea to coordinate things with other friends or family and invest together in something a bit more special.

Have any funny or touching stories about gifts you’ve given to your med student friends? Share them in the comments below.