7 Apps That Nurses Worship

I bet that every time you want to look up something you think of the cumbersome nursing textbooks you’ve spent so much time reading. In the best case scenario you wish you had a laptop at hand to google the problem.

Is it because you think that using wearable technology is still at least a few years away? And why do we leave out phones when we talk about wearable technology?

Your phone can do much more than play Flappy Bird. Put it to a good use in your daily practice.

Your phone can do much more than play Flappy Bird. Put it to a good use in your daily practice.

Luckily, you have a secret weapon hiding in your pocket. Your smartphone has probably already proven useful enough, but you’d be surprised by what hidden potential it holds. One app you’ve somehow missed can turn you into a super-nurse and we have a whole collection of such nursing apps for you to explore.

Nursing Central

available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, BlackBerry World

Nursing Central logo

This cross-platform app delivers premium information about diseases, drugs, and tests and is designed with nurses in mind. A nice feature is the favorites section where you can bookmark your most commonly used items, be they videos, diagrams, or informational pages. This vast resource pool comes at a hefty price, though — Nursing Central will run you $169 per year.

Nursing Essentials

available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Nursing Essentials logo

The focus of Nursing Essentials is providing information to nurses quickly. The whole app has been built around this idea- from the user interface, to the way that information is structured. You can leave notes on any page you want and rely on the built-in calculator for drug dosage. Nurses find it particularly handy when prioritizing what to look for in patients. Nursing Essentials‘ retail price is $5.99 for both iOS and Android.

Nurse Tabs

available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows 8.1

NurseTabs logo

Nurse Tabs is designed by a nursing professor and it takes just a quick glance at the user interface to see that the app is designed to bring the ease of use of medical technology to a whole new level. The app packs a ton of resources that will come in handy on a daily basis. The app is not just for nurses. Nurse Tabs aims to enhance critical thinking in nursing students, too. The app will help you prepare for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) by moving away from memorizing methods and focusing on comprehension. The app comes in several versions and costs from $10 to $25.

Nursing Drug Handbook

available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Nursing Drug Handbook logo

Lippincott’s drug handbook does one thing, but it does it well. This app is everything you need to deal with prescription (and not only) drugs easily. Available forms– oral administration, subcutaneous, inhalational, etc.– dosages, pregnancy risks, therapeutic and pharmacologic class, even usage guidelines to teach to patients — this app has it all. Nursing Drug Handbook is available as a free download for both iOS and Android, offering 25 full drug profiles. An in-app purchase will bring thousands more to your fingertips.

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook

available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, BlackBerry World

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook logo

The company behind Nursing Central does it again. Unbound Medicine has done something with a much tighter focus. Nursing Diagnosis Handbook provides essential information to make a nursing diagnosis and create a care plan. The app is a convenient and fast version of the paper Nursing Diagnosis Handbook and best of all, it fits in your pocket. It is available as a free download, that will give you a good idea of the app’s possibilities, and a $59.99 in-app purchase will unlock all features.

Lab Values Reference

available on: Apple App Store

Lab Values Reference logo

Lab Values Reference is another app that proves useful in both academic and clinical settings. The app covers 375 of the most commonly performed laboratory tests. The app includes the lab references you might need, eliminating the need to look things up online or in textbooks. It stores things neatly in a consistent format. The app is currently enjoying excellent user satisfaction at the App Store where it’s available for $2.99.

Auscultation Primer

available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Auscultation Primer logo

Have you had second thoughts about what you’ve heard through the stethoscope or seen in an electrocardiogram? If so, Auscultation Primer is the app for you. It provides heart sounds relating to a variety of cardiovascular diseases. The audio recordings come from videos that cover phonocardiogram and ekg tracing for timing. Further description is provided for each condition, however they are limited to just ten. On the bright side, the app is free for iOS and Android.

These nursing apps are result of a multi-million dollar medical technology business and are so well thought out and executed that it’s hard to imagine how nursing was done before them.

Do you have a favorite from our list? Or maybe one that’s not on it? Drop us a line in the comments below.