5 Top Must Read Nursing Blogs

Jacqueline Newton, staff nurse on the Flying Eye Hospital

One doesn’t need to watch medical TV dramas like ER or Grey’s Anatomy to become aware of the busy and often too stressful everyday life of a nurse. For a nursing student or an established professional, free time is always luxury especially if you want to update and improve yourself by learning about the experience of your colleagues.

Luckily, unlike the 90s when ER took place, nowadays there are plenty of useful nursing blogs only a click away from you. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular blogs for nurses for this year.

1.  Digital Doorway

Who said that only women are good in nursing care? Keith Carlson is a male nurse, specializing in coaching nurses and healthcare professionals, a co-host on RN.FM radio and author of the Digital Doorway blog.

Nurse Keith, as he’s most known as, updates his blog a few times a week and provides his readers with various useful tips and interesting personal experiences. If you’re looking for advice on how to maintain a successful personal and professional life without getting “burned out” by the stress coming along with the life path choice of a nurse, that’s your man!

2. The Nursing Site Blog

“Nurses make a difference in someone’s life everyday”. This is the motto of Kathy Quan, author of The Nursing Site Blog and a RN with more than 35 years of professional experience. Being an author of five books about nursing and healthcare, Kathy Quan is easy and enjoyable to read and her advice would be useful for nurses at any stage of their professional path.

3. Off The Charts

Off The Charts is the online publication for the well-known and respected American Journal of Nursing. Off The Charts features posts by successful established nurses along with its own writers. The content of the blog is educational, with scientific facts backing the information presented, but still friendly enough for all kinds of readers.

Following the established name of AJN, Off The Charts is a must read for all nurses or nurse students who want to be up-to-date with what’s going on in their field chosen.

4. International Nurse Support

Based on her own experience in the U.S., author Joyce Fiodembo provides her readers with a special section and information for minority nurses, a feature that strongly differentiates her from other nursing blogs.

International Nurse Support is a blog that not only gives various practical tips, but also sets a goal to inspire and support nurses, student nurses, nurse assistants and caregivers.

5. The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney Wilson, the author of The Nerdy Nurse blog, stands out among the other nursing bloggers with her notable knowledge of technology and its implementation in nursing and healthcare.

Her newly published book The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide To Technology along with the variety of posts on social media and mobile apps, makes Brittney Wilson and The Nerdy Nurse a must read for everybody who wants to stay updated with the latest innovations in the nursing industry.

This is our selection of 5 top nursing blogs, but sure enough there are many more out there worthy of your attention. We are eager to hear your opinion, so feel free to add your favorite nursing blog to our list in the comments below.