Littmann® Cardiology IV Special Editions

Stunning New Colors Of The Flagship Stethoscope From 3M Littmann®

When Littmann® launched their new Cardiology IV stethoscope range, they redefined what was possible with mechanical stethoscopes. Since its release in March 2016, we have been inundated with requests for Special Finish versions. This month, Littmann® have unveiled eight striking new Cardiology IV Special Editions that are guaranteed to catch the eye of your colleagues and patients alike.

Featuring the same next generation technology as the standard Cardiology IV stethoscopes, the new finishes give a touch of individuality to this icon of clinical expertise, giving you a chance to express your personality.

The Colours

Littmann Cardiology IV special editon - Black & Smoke

Cardiology IV Black & Smoke – 6162

Littmann Cardiology IV special editions - all black

Cardiology IV All Black – 6163


Cardiology IV Black & Brass – 6164

Cardiology IV special editions black & brass

Cardiology IV Black Rainbow – 6165

Cardiology IV Special Editions Plum Smoke

Cardiology IV Plum & Smoke – 6166

Cardiology IV Special editions Navy Blue Black finish

Cardiology IV Navy & Black Finish – 6168

Cardiology IV special edition turquoise smoke

Cardiology IV Turquoise & Smoke – 6171

Cardiology IV special edition raspberry smoke

Cardiology IV Raspberry & Smoke – 6178

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Upgrade

Littmann® has always been a byword for quality and the Cardiology IV is no different. All Cardiology IV stethoscopes come with a 7 year warranty so if yours becomes damaged Littmann® will repair it, free of charge. The chestpiece and tubing is designed with infection control in mind. Simply cleaning with an alcohol wipe will kill and remove most pathogens and keep the stethoscope in top condition.

Click the link to see the complete range of Cardiology IV stethoscopes.