Free interactive Littmann Stethoscope app for medical students

728x90-Littmann-bannerLike so many tools of the trade, your stethoscope is really easy to use but takes practice to master.

Auscultation (listening to internal sounds made by the body) has been medical practice for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years, but the science advanced rapidly with the invention of the stethoscope in the early nineteenth century.

Now Littmann, pioneers in stethoscope design and use for over 50 years, have launched a unique, interactive learning experience that will benefit a new generation of medical students.

Free 3M Littmann Learning App

For a limited period, this new experience, the 3M Littmann Learning App, is entirely free when you buy any new Littmann stethoscope from us.

If you already own a stethoscope, a basic version of the app can be downloaded for free onto Android or Apple devices and the premium version unlocked for $50.

3M Littmann Learning App for healthcare professionals

Learning to distinguish between the variety of different sounds made by the heart and lungs demands skill and practice.

The new Littmann Learning App allows you to hear cardiac and pulmonary sounds and to test yourself by answering multiple-choice questions. Some of these tests are in a practical examination style, complete with genuine patient histories and sounds.

The app will benefit both medical students and others setting out on their medical career, and more experienced professionals keen to update their knowledge.


How to claim your free 3M Littmann Learning App

When you buy any  Littmann stethoscope from us, you will also receive a voucher code that can be used to unlock the app.

It’s really easy to to use the voucher code. Just download the free version of the 3M Littmann Learning App from either the Google Play store (Android) or the Apple App Store. Then apply your voucher code to convert the app from basic to premium.

The voucher code is only available when you purchase a Littmann stethoscope through an authorized 3M Littmann distributor and only during the promotional period.