5 Unusual Christmas Accidents Тhat Found Тheir Way to the ER

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The holiday season, which we’ve all been looking forward to for weeks, is finally here. But with it inevitably follow a string of events that you wish never happened! From food fiascos to forgetting the names of relatives who always remember yours, the holidays definitely have their misgivings, which will give you something to laugh about for years to come.

But as a medical professional, you probably deal with Christmas accidents much more serious than these common blunders remotely compares to the sort of Christmas accidents that the good folks at the ER have to witness every year. If you’ve worked in the ER during the holidays, then you’ll no doubt have a tale or two of your own to tell.

Whether you’re a medical professional, or still training to be one, we want to share with you our 5 favorite holiday accidents from around the world. All of these really sent the doctors in a doozy, so be ready if you have to deal with them this time around. Continue reading 5 Unusual Christmas Accidents Тhat Found Тheir Way to the ER

8 Nurse Myths That We Need to Debunk

Nurses carry a huge amount of responsibility on a daily basis in their profession. As highly skilled workers, they deserve a lot of respect for their knowledge, intelligence, and intensive training. But that’s not always the case, since nurses face many stereotyped misconceptions, which MTV’s stars from “Scrubbing In” don’t hesitate to discuss. If you’re an aspiring nurse, watch out as you may have to deal with these in your professional life.

So, it’s time to debunk the top nurse myths and give praise to hard-working nurses everywhere! Continue reading 8 Nurse Myths That We Need to Debunk

Shop for the Right Medical Equipment That Gets the Job Done

Medical practice is hard work; the hours can get long and there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. In fact, in a system as important as medicine, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re providing the best possible service to your patients. Inconvenient design or limited features can make your work hard, while on the flip side, a few small tweaks and updates can significantly improve your work along with your patients’ experience.

So if you’ve been struggling with dated equipment, maybe it’s time to upgrade. You’ll be surprised to find out how much medical technology has come along in just the past few years. Here are a few equipment features which could make your patients’ visits more fruitful, and even help you do your job better. Continue reading Shop for the Right Medical Equipment That Gets the Job Done

Why Don’t Doctors Get Sick More Often Than Their Patients?

Often, the most stoic character in any television show is the doctor — they’re resilient until the end, creative and helpful, constantly healing the sick, and in general just making everything right. In real life the image of the doctor is not that different, that is of course if you ask the patients

In fact, they might even wonder, “Is there something mystical about doctors which makes them superhuman and immune to most illness? Surely, since they’re constantly in contact with bacteria, viruses, and god knows what else, they’re somehow shielded against getting sick, right?”

As you know, the reality is that healthcare professionals deal with the same problems as everyone else. All those years of medical experience have simply given you the upperhand — you might just be better prepared than your patients when infectious diseases come your way.

Here are a few tips for staying healthy, which you might already be painfully aware of, but won’t hurt in the eve of the flu season. Continue reading Why Don’t Doctors Get Sick More Often Than Their Patients?

Doctor’s dilemma: Are Your Patients Lying to You?

Are your patients hiding information from you?

“If a patient says they’ve had 2 drinks, assume they mean 6.” This has long been a rule of thumb for most doctors. In fact, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, told his students in 400 BC that patients often dissemble how regularly they’ve been taking their medicine. Clearly, lying to doctors isn’t a new phenomenon.

Patients can hide all sorts of information to come across as more acceptable to their doctors. After all, hospitals have a social dynamics just like offices, homes, or other everyday social places. Shame, regret, and pride are powerful impulses which can make even the most forthright person misrepresent information that they’re giving their doctors. Continue reading Doctor’s dilemma: Are Your Patients Lying to You?