The History of Stethoscopes

Of all the tools and equipment a doctor uses, the stethoscope may be one of the only tools that is common to all physicians and specialties. Anyone that has sat in a doctor’s office or has been seen by a nurse knows about this seemingly simple diagnostic tool. It’s one of the most common, and yet, one of the most powerful daily tools we use in our field.

But how did it come into existence? The modern Littmann stethoscope many of us use is the result of a decades-long journey of invention and entrepreneurial spirit by Dr. Littmann, Rene Laennec, and many medical professionals in between. So in light of our Black Friday Sale, we thought we’d delve into the interesting history of the invention of the modern stethoscope. Continue reading The History of Stethoscopes

8 Ways to Make Your Medical Office More Kid Friendly

All medical practices should have two primary goals in mind. One, provide top notch care and two, build lifelong relationships with your patients.

Of course some of the hardest patients to please are moms. If you want to make a mom a happy customer, you must make your medical office as kid-friendly as possible. You need to be welcoming to children and make being in your office as enjoyable as possible. To create lifelong loyal patients, you must first make them feel comfortable. So, follow these tips to help you create a welcoming environment for kids of all ages. Continue reading 8 Ways to Make Your Medical Office More Kid Friendly

5 Pieces of Medical Equipment You Can Use for Thanksgiving Dinner

Like most medical professionals, you’ve probably invested a lot in your medical equipment. Over the years you’ve discovered your favorite stethoscope, brand of scrubs, etc. Well, have you ever stopped to consider all the ways you can use all of this equipment outside of work?

It turns out there are some everyday medical tools which can come in handy when it comes to preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. So break out your hypodermic needles, clean off your scalpel, and let’s get cooking. Continue reading 5 Pieces of Medical Equipment You Can Use for Thanksgiving Dinner

Top 5 Dedicated Nursing Podcasts

It’s true that human beings learn best from hand-on experience, but sadly this often involves a prolonged process of trial and error. Not to mention that in the medical field some mistakes have a very costly price attached to them. This is why it’s important to learn from other people’s experiences however you can. Nursing is no different. But fortunately, today there are quite a few avenues through which you can gain knowledge aside from learning in a hospital or university.

Some examples include nursing blogs where experts share their insights, and web-boards where experienced and novice nurses alike can discuss their strategies and issues. Of course there are also plenty of websites maintained by educational institutes, medical facilities, and health care practitioners where you can find a lot of useful information. Not to mention all the useful apps.

Nursing podcasts are also a great, albeit underutilized way to learn more about the latest goings on in the nursing industry. If you aren’t already, you should be subscribing to these 5 podcast channels today. Continue reading Top 5 Dedicated Nursing Podcasts