NTI Conference


Medisave were delighted to join 3M Littmann at the NTI conference in Orlando in May. The National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition is a week long annual conference which brings together thousands of nurses who care for acutely and critically ill patients.

Both UK and USA Medisave team members worked together with Littmann to represent the Littmann Stethoscope brand and engrave stethoscopes over the course of the event. As always, the team worked hard and spent hours setting up the facilities to ensure the week ran like clockwork.

As one of the premium stock lines sold at Medisave USA, the Littmann stethoscope is arguably the essential career tool for any doctor or nurse and the success of the week and the generated interest is testament to the continued growth of the Littmann stethoscope market. The addition of new colors and finishes on some stethscopes proved especially popular, and many nurses team their stethoscope color to match or compliment other items such as clogs or scrubs.

Around 6000 nurses attended the event, with many at the forefront of research, academia, staff development and management. The motto of the week was “Together. Stronger. Bolder.” highlighting the united approach being heralded as the continued way forward when caring for critically ill patients, advocating that working together achieves more.                                                







Medisave felt privileged to have been a part of the NTI conference and to continue to work together with Littmann to promote the Littmann stethoscope range and to meet nurses who are so dedicated to their profession and those who they care for. An enjoyable week for all involved and another excellent show to add to the Medisave USA event list!


Littmann Stethoscope Parts Finder


Our website now has a new Littmann Stethoscope Parts Finder!

– By simply entering the serial number on the chestpiece of your Littmann Stethoscope you can now access an entire list of parts compatible with your scope. Not only this, you can also find out details of your stethoscope’s manufacture date, model and warranty period.


Serial No. Example










Your individual serial number can be found engraved on the chestpiece of your Littmann Stethoscope. (Eg. I8V25098)








Try out our NEW Parts Finder HERE!  (let us know what you think!)


New Littmann Colours


Medisave is excited to share that we have increased our Littmann Stethoscope range EVEN FURTHER. Our 3M Littmann Cardiology III is now available in Ceil Blue and Coral Pink!



                          Ceil Blue                            Coral Pink



The Cardiology III has exceptional versitility and outstanding sound quality. With it’s superior construction, double-sided, three function chestpiece and 3M’s ‘Tunable Technology‘, this stethoscope is a key diagnostic aid in the physical assessment of both adult and paediatric patients.


Let your Littmann Stethoscope compliment your personal style by choosing from the wide range of colours we have on offer. Why not personalise your scope even further and take advantage of our laser engraving service?


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