Annual Scientific Session in Atlanta


In March, Medisave were excited to attend the 59th Annual Scientific Session in Atlanta in collaboration with 3M Littmann.


Another road trip commenced from our HQ in Stratford Connecticut but the team were pleased to stop off at some nice places en route. Well practiced from the AHA event in Orlando, the Medisavers were pleased to prove even more efficient and managed to set up even more quickly!


Promoting and engraving Littmann stethoscopes, this event proved even busier but practice and a more streamlined process meant another smooth few days. With three laser engravers going at full speed but this time with more space, the team did not stop. Held in another giant venue, thousands of delegates attended. One Medisaver was pleased to note that although thousands attended, he recognised some from the previous event and even some doctors from the UK!


As always the Littmann stethoscopes were incredibly well received with nearly everyone choosing to have their purchase personalized. Another exhausting but hugely successful event for the Medisavers and 3M Littmann!