Even easier to find Littmann Spares and Parts


Medisave USA have made it EVEN easier to find spares and parts for your Littmann stethoscope!

First they introduced the Littmann Part Finder at //www.medisave.net/littmann_part_finder.php This tool helps you to find all the spares and parts just by simply entering the serial number that appears on the chestpiece.

This is great if your stethoscope has a serial number- however, what happens if your Littmann stethoscope doesn’t have a serial number or if you haven’t got your Littmann stethoscope with you when you place the order? Normally, you would have to search through page after page of products and hope that the part you order will be suitable for your Littmann stethoscope.

Medisave USA have taken the guesswork out of ordering your Littmann spares and parts.

Simply go to //www.medisave.net/littmann-stethoscope-spares-parts-listed-model-c-21_36.html and click on the Littmann stethoscope that you have. You will then see individual categories for the binaural, the rims, the ear tips, the diaphragms etc- it just makes it so easy!

For example:

Littmann Classic II SE spares and parts: //www.medisave.net/spares-parts-listed-model-cardiology-spares-parts-c-21_36_90.html

Littmann Cardiology III spares and parts: //www.medisave.net/spares-parts-listed-model-cardiology-spares-parts-c-21_36_89.html

Littmann Master Classic II spares and parts: //www.medisave.net/spares-parts-listed-model-master-classic-spares-parts-c-21_36_94.html

It is so easy to find the part or spare that you need- just click and go. Just another way that Medisave USA are saving you time and money


Possible Healthcare Reform


There is the possibility that healthcare in the USA will be undergoing a change in the near future. It seems as if everyone will be required to have some form of health insurance.

Whilst there has long been a requirement for health insurance, it has not been compulsory. Therefore, many people on lower incomes have not taken out health insurance because they simply cannot afford it. In 2005, it was estimated that approximately 15.7% of Americans were uninsured, with the state of Texas having the highest percentage of uninsured residents- nearly 25%. Lower paid employees are less likely to be offered coverage with their employment, and private plans are not viable as they are too expensive.

In theory, if you needed life saving surgery, the surgeon may not treat you if you do not have health insurance. In reality, this is incredibly unlikely to happen. You will be treated and the cost will be covered from the premiums paid by those with health insurance.

According to some members of the Congress, this is part of the problem. Those with health insurance are in effect helping to pay towards the cost of those without. By making everyone pay for their own health insurance, it should bring the costs down. Those on lower incomes that would struggle to pay for the insurance will get subsidies from the government.

This all sounds great, apart from the part regarding subsidies. This money will need to come from somewhere, and it is not at all clear how the subsidies will be funded. Many people suspect that taxes will increase…

If the healthcare reform does go ahead, it should mean that there will be more money available in the health care industry. This can only be a good thing, as this additional money can be used to improve facilities, purchase additional equipment and provide better training for staff.

It will interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks and months…


Littmann stethoscope engraving


Littmann stethoscope engraving– why would you have your new Littmann stethoscope engraved?

1) It’s free!

2) It looks great!

3) It doesn’t delay the order- we engrave using our own high end laser engraver!

4) It helps to reduce the chances of your stethoscope being stolen!

5) Did I mention that it’s FREE– and that it DOES NOT DELAY the dispatch?!

Littmann stethoscope engraving is great- everyone should get it done when buying a Littmann.

Medisave USA do it for FREE and they do it FAST! www.medisave.net


Littmann stethescope, Littmann stethoscope or Litt


Littmann stethescope

Littmann stethoscope

Littmann stethascope

All of the above are popular Google searches when looking for stethoscopes. Mis-spelling and mis-typing is a common thing- especially when you are typing quickly or you are trying to multi task (not always easy!)

Google helpfully have a “Did you mean:” tool that will show you possible alternatives for the words that you have entered. This usually helps you to find what you are looking for, and can be very useful.

So, whether you want a Littmann stethescope, a Littmann stethascope or even a Littmann stethoscope, visit www.medisave.net and they will be happy to help!